Configure your Canon ij printer from ij.start canon. Canon printers fall in the list of well-known printer brands and ij.start.canon assist in starting with the Canon inkjet printers. Canon official support is available for PIXMA, MAXIFY, Canon Laser printer, MegaTank inkjet, and more.

IJ.START CANON - ij Start Canon Set up : ij.start.canon

Configure your Canon ij printer from ij.start canon. Canon printers fall in the list of well-known printer brands and ij.start.canon assist in starting with the Canon inkjet printers. Canon official support is available for PIXMA, MAXIFY, Canon Laser printer, MegaTank inkjet, and more.

ij.start canon provides configuration guidelines for Wireless Canon printer as well as Wired or USB connected printer setup. The Canon IJ printer is ideal for office and home purposes as they offer multiple features with the latest technique. For more information regarding Canon printer setup, visit http //ij.start.canon or enter https //ij.start.canon on web address to install Canon ij setup.

Canon ij setup - ij.start canon

ij.start canon allows you to download, install, and configure canon ij setup on your PC, Mac and smartphones as well. Canon ij setup is the software to install Canon printer wirelessly. You can find out the Canon printer model number from the top or front to enter on ij.start.canon site. See complete guidelines here to learn how to download from ij.start canon and set up Canon printer.


Download and Install Canon Printer Drivers through ij.start canon

Canon drivers can be downloaded from ij.start canon and install to set up the Canon ij printer completely. Here are steps that show you how to download canon printer software on your system;  

  1. Ensure your system and Canon printer is connected to the same internet connection, and see if the Canon IJ printer hardware is set up.
  2. Now, open your system web browser and go to ij.start.canon website through a web address. The ij.start canon site is offered by Canon support officials to guide the user.
  3. Once you jump to the ij start canon page, click on the “Set Up (Start Here)” option and enter the canon printer model number or choose from the given list.
  4. ij.start canon will take you to the next page, where you’ll need to ensure the right system like Windows or PC is selected on top of the page.
  5. Once you see the Download option at http //ij.start.canon for Canon ij printer setup, choose the option to download on your PC and wait for Canon printer drivers to download.
  6. Finally, after downloading from ij.start canon, locate the Canon IJ setup, and double-click on the software file to start ij canon installation. Follow instructions displaying on the system screen to complete the installation.  
  7. During the canon ij printer setup installation, if you have a USB cable, connect it; otherwise, you can choose the wireless connection option to finish the process. 


How to setup Canon ij printer wirelessly?

Set up Canon ij printer wirelessly through ij.start canon with the below instructions; however, you’ll have to ensure that your printer already has connected to WPS and router. Check below instructions;  

  1. Download Canon ij setup – Open the web browser and go to ij.start.canon or https //ij.start.canon to download the latest version of Canon printer drivers.
  2. Install Downloaded Canon drivers – Open the recently ij.start canon downloaded file, double-click on the Canon setup icon and begin the installation.
  3. Select wireless connection option – During the Canon printer drivers installation, when arriving via ij.start canon, choose wireless connection.
  4. WiFi connection to Canon Printer – Power on the Canon ij printer, press the WiFi, and hold until you see an orange flashlight.
  5. Push WPS button – Then press the WPS button within 2 minutes quickly after the orange light flashes. 
  6. Wait for flashlights to be Blue and green– If you see Blue and Green flashing on the printer, release the WPS button quickly and proceed next. 
  7. Software license agreement – In order to complete ij.start canon installation, read the software license terms and click “I Agree” to jump next.  
  8. Complete the Canon ij setup – Follow on-screen instructions to finish the Canon ij setup and then click close for a complete Canon printer wireless set up. 

What are the steps to set up a Canon inkjet printer via USB cable?

If you consist Canon Wired printer like Canon All-in-one printers, then you should have a USB cable. Follow the below steps and set up your Canon ij printer via USB cable;

  • Step 1– Make sure the USB isn’t connected to your PC and Canon printer. In case you have already associated with the USB cable, then disconnect it quickly before you take the first step to install (via ij.start canon) and set up the Canon inkjet printer.
  • Step 2– Now, you’ll need to take the step for downloading the complete setup for the Canon ij printer. For it, open any browser (default or any other like Chrome, Safari etc) on your system and visit start.canonor https //ij.start.canon website to proceed next.
  • Step 3– When you jump to ij.start canon page, enter your printer model name and number to get download options. Then, select a network connection via the USB option and hit the download tab to begin the Canon drivers download on your system. 
  • Step 4– The setup file you downloaded from ij.start.canon may be located on downloads, otherwise check the location where you saved the installer and double-click on the Canon ij setup file and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Step 5– After the installation from start canonis completed, add the printer type on the shown option, then select connection via LAN setting. At last, once you see the Printer Connection screen, connect the USB cable to the printer’s back on the right side and link another side of the USB to the PC. You’re done here.

http //ij.start.canon – Get Latest version of Canon ij setup at ij.start.canon

http //ij.start.canon or in short ij.start.canon offers you to install the latest version of the Canon printer software. If you search for ij.start canon, you can see the options yourself, including Manuals, recommended functions, and you can read articles based on FAQs. Here steps to get the latest Canon printer setup via https //ij.start.canon are shown;

  1. Open the URL https //ij.start.canon and jump to ij.start.canon site.
  2. Choose an option to set up your printer and use the Canon printer model number.
  3. Download the Canon printer setup from http //ij.start.canon site.
  4. You’ll automatically receive the latest version of the setup, then begin the installation.
  5. Finish the Canon printer set up with a USB connection or Wireless connection.


For any query, contact Canon support from ij.start canon.